onsdag 24 maj 2017


I'm proud to mention for the upcoming album will MARA be join forces with Vrede on bass and Ynleborgaz on drums from bands as (Angantyr, Make a Change and Kill Yourself and Myrd).

The drums are now recorded and guitars, bass guitar and vocals awaits.

Hail Chaos!

/ Vindsval

måndag 20 februari 2017

Review- Antichrist metalzine

A year has now passed since the album release of Seiðr and still are the album doing impact. This is the latest review from Antichrist metalzine.

I want to give Antichrist metalzine a big Hail for their fine words and support.

Let the black flame burn!


torsdag 10 mars 2016

7,5 in Terrorizer Magazine!

Review in issue 268 Terrorizer Magazine 7,5/10 + Destruction of the worlds on the fear candy cd.